About Mackenzie


I’m so glad you stopped by. My name is Mackenzie Jagger and I am 29 years old. I am currently an event planner but I enjoy reading and writing about diet and fitness related subjects. I also love to sing and dance. I enjoy working out (most of the time) and my boyfriend Jon loves to lift weights and he looks great and inspires me to be my best.

I live and work in Baltimore and I am an avid Ravens fan. As I said, I love to sing and karaoke is something that I not only enjoy but have actually won a contest or two. I love singing duos with my Dad who was a musician (drummer) back in the ’70s. He taught me how to sing harmony and we also sing in our Church’s Christmas Choir.

I just wanted to add a few blurbs here to get the site started. I hope you’ll come back again soon and be on the look out for my next book.  🙂